Borough of Lehighton Recycling

Public Notice

Lehighton Borough residents will be receiving new 64 gallon recycle totes October 31st thru November 4th. These totes were purchased with grant money received from a 902 Grant through DEP. They will be delivered to each residence by County Waste along with a 95 gallon garbage tote. These totes are the property of the Lehighton Borough and/or County Waste. They are to be left at the property they were delivered to should you move. Residents will be charged the cost of the tote should it be damaged or removed from the address to which it was delivered.

If you are keeping the toters that were delivered, please put your address only on both cans with a Sharpie.

Residents will no longer be permitted to put recycling out in only a shopping/trash bag. The new totes will be large enough to accommodate a weeks’ worth of recycling. The old yellow, green or blue recycle totes can still be used if necessary. The Borough will have smaller totes for those residents who find the new larger tote to be too big or cumbersome. Please call 610-377-4002 extension 211 ONLY to make arrangements to have the tote swapped out for a smaller more manageable size. DO NOT CALL the Utility Billing Office with questions or complaints as they will NOT be able to help you.

Any business paying garbage fees to the Lehighton Borough is NOW MANDATED TO RECYCLE under the newly adopted ordinance. A link to the full ordinance can be found on the right side column on the “Homepage” of the Borough’s website – The 2016 Garbage/Recycle Calendar can be found there or picked up in the Utility Billing Office at Borough Hall.

If your trash exceeds the 95 gallon tote per week you are welcome to use a trash receptacle that you already have for the excess. We will eventually be going to an automated trash/recycle pick up in the near future so using the new totes will help prepare everyone for that step when it comes.

Lehighton Borough and County Waste are striving to keep the Borough a clean and green community. Each tote will have information about the changes that are occurring, contact information to address your questions/concerns and helpful tips on recycling. PLEASE READ THEM!


Message from the Borough

We hope everyone has noticed the changes taking place in the borough. We have been trying diligently to improve the overall appearance of town square, parks and recreation areas. Our hope is to make our residents want to take keep these areas looking great and that visitors to our town will want to come back because of the clean and inviting approves of the change in recycling pick up from bi-weekly to weekly. We have also added the large garbage/recycling containers received through grant money to the Trailhead, Grove and Baer Memorial Parks. New smaller containers have been added to the 6th & Coal soccer field and at the pool, recreation center and upper park. The lower park has been given a new look and trash/recycle containers have now been placed there to keep the park looking new, fresh and free of debris.

All the containers are clearly marked for trash or recycle. Please use them properly as we put them there for your convenience, to keep our town clean and to also add to our recycle tonnage which adds to the amount we receive in grant money.

Our Garbage and Recycling Ordinance has been updated and a link to the full ordinance is on the Homepage of the website. Please use this link to help answer any questions you might have on what can be put out for garbage and recycling.

PLEASE NOTE: Construction Material is prohibited – filled cans CANNOT weigh more than 35 pounds – Unlimited household garbage means garbage produced in a normal week’s time – a dumpster is required when emptying out a home or garage. If a dumpster is not used for these purposes a citation will be issued.

The Public Works Garage no longer accepts used cooking and motor oil due to the fact that people have been dropping off poisons, pesticides and other chemicals mixed in with the oil. We cannot dispose of this properly so we have discontinued the drop off availability. Please contact DEP to learn how to properly dispose of these items.

Please try to take all tree branches under 8 inches in diameter and all trimmings to the black dumpster at the Public Works garage during April, May, September and October. This dumpster is available for Yard Waste Recycling ONLY and helps the borough receive more grant money for this recycling effort. If it is absolutely impossible to take it to the dumpster then it is permissible to be put in tied up bundles measuring not more than 3 foot in length out for garbage. Unbundled items of any kind WILL NOT BE TAKEN.

About the middle of October residents will receive new trash and recycle containers from our new sanitation hauler. These containers will be delivered to your home by the company. They are the property of the borough and NOT the property of the resident. Should you move out of the area or within the borough limits DO NOT TAKE THE CONTAINERS WITH YOU. Should you choose to do so anyway you will be charged for the containers. The containers are being provided as part of the garbage service to make it easier on the residents, sanitation employees and to help improve the overall neat appearance of the town on garbage day.

Smaller recycle cans will be available for pick up at borough hall beginning in November should the ones provided by the hauling company be too large or cumbersome for you to handle. You will be required to bring your driver license, your utility bill showing you pay garbage to the borough and you must sign that you received the container and take full responsibility for maintaining the container. This container is also the property of the borough and will be subject to paying the replacement cost should you damage it, take it with you should you move.

Lehighton Borough will soon be changing their ordinance for Recycling. This has posed many questions by residents and businesses alike. We have had a mandatory recycling program in place since 1991. The County Recycle Program would provide educational newsletters to residents and through grant funding provide recycle bins. This program no longer exists requiring all boroughs and townships to create their own programs.

We have received a grant to provide residents of Lehighton Borough with new recycle containers. We are awaiting the final paperwork so we can proceed. There will be something in the Times News as well as the website letting residents know when and where they can pick up their containers. Part of the grant is also to provide educational material to our residents and update our Recycle Ordinance.

A brochure will be handed out with each recycle container as well as on this new webpage which will be updated with things periodically to help answer any questions residents may have. We have been trying to educate everyone the past few months so everyone is ready for the changes that will be coming by the end of the year. We now have a Property Maintenance Officer who is here on a weekly basis going around checking properties and issuing fines for properties not being kept up. He has also been going to the local businesses with newsletters and making them aware of what they can do to recycle more. Fines will be given to those who do not comply with the new changes which is why we are starting now; long before the changes occur giving everyone enough notice. These flyers are available on this page along with what the current garbage company will take for recycling.

Acceptable Items | Helping Businesses Recycle
Helping Offices Recycle

We have “Single Stream” recycling in the Borough of Lehighton. This means that ALL recyclables can be comingled. There is no need to separate any of them making it easy to recycle. We have also posted on this page the “Acceptable Items” for recycling taken by our hauler. Advanced Disposal has a dispatcher and customer service representatives available for missed garbage/recycling as well as general questions Monday thru Friday from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. The number is found on the garbage calendars for residents to pick up in the Utility Billing Office in Borough Hall. The number is 610-440-3700. You can also call the Borough Secretary with questions pertaining to this webpage. She can be reached at 610-377-4002 ext. 211 Monday thru Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

There will also be recycle containers at the trailhead, Bear Memorial and playgrounds through our grant to help you recycle away from home and to improve the overall appearance of our borough.

Used motor and cooking oil can be dropped off at the Public Works garage for recycling. The oil is used to heat the garage in the winter and helps to keep heating costs down.

There is a black dumpster next to the new salt shed at the Public Works Garage on East Penn Street for yard waste. This is another requirement for the borough to provide. This dumpster is available during the months of April and May then again in September and October. Acceptable items include: Unbundled tree branches no more than 8 inches in diameter, shrubs with the dirt removed, hedge trimmings (NO WHOLE HEDGES OR LEAVES ALLOWED).

We also as part of our yard waste recycling program have a curbside leaf clean up the entire month of November. Residents are asked to put their leaves in in the street along the curb for pick up. There is no schedule for this. The street sweeper will start in one end of town and systematically go through to the other end of town and start over again and continue this process until Thanksgiving. The garbage company will NOT take any leaves put out for garbage during this time.

These programs benefit the individual resident and the borough as a whole. Each year the borough is required to file two (2) reports reporting the recycling tonnage for the year which includes the biweekly pick up, leaves and yard waste. The borough then receives monies for the total tonnage from all the programs on a yearly basis.

We hope these changes will be something our residents will embrace. No one likes change but change is necessary and we believe this change will not be difficult as most of us already are used to recycling!


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